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4 Ways to Take Care of Your Garage Door

Your garage door is not just a functional part of your home; it’s also a significant investment. Proper care and maintenance can extend its lifespan and prevent costly repairs. Neglecting your garage door can lead to malfunctions, safety hazards, and decreased curb appeal.

In this guide, we’ll list down the top four important and essential ways to take care of your garage door and keep it in optimal condition for years to come.

Regular Inspection and Lubrication

Regular inspection of your garage door is crucial for identifying potential issues before they escalate. Begin by visually inspecting the door and its components for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Pay close attention to springs, cables, rollers, and hinges, as these are common areas of concern.

Additionally, lubrication is essential for keeping your garage door operating smoothly. Use a silicone-based lubricant to grease the tracks, rollers, hinges, and springs. Avoid using oil-based lubricants, as they can attract dirt and debris, leading to more problems and garage door repair down the line. Aim to lubricate these parts every six months or as needed, depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Keep the Tracks Clean and Aligned

The tracks play a crucial role in the proper functioning of your garage door. Over time, dirt, debris, and even small objects can accumulate in the tracks, causing obstructions and affecting the door’s movement. Regularly clean the tracks using a damp cloth or brush to remove any buildup. Inspect the tracks for any dents, bends, or misalignments, as these can cause the door to get stuck or operate unevenly.

If you notice any issues with the tracks, such as misalignment or gaps between sections, it’s essential to address them promptly. Use a level to ensure that the tracks are properly aligned, and tighten any loose bolts or screws. If the tracks are severely damaged or misaligned, it’s best to consult a professional garage door installation technician for repairs.

Test and Adjust the Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is the heart of your garage door system, providing the automation and convenience that modern homeowners rely on. Regular testing and maintenance of the opener are essential for ensuring its proper function and safety.

Start by testing the auto-reverse feature, which is designed to prevent accidents and injuries by reversing the door if it encounters an obstruction.

Place a small object, such as a block of wood, in the path of the closing door and activate the opener. The door should reverse immediately upon contact with the object. If it doesn’t, you may need to adjust the sensitivity settings or inspect the safety sensors for obstructions or misalignment.

Maintain the Weather Stripping

Weather stripping plays a crucial role in keeping your garage protected from the elements and maintaining energy efficiency. Over time, weather stripping can become worn, cracked, or damaged, allowing drafts, moisture, and pests to enter your garage.

Inspect the weather stripping around the perimeter of the door and along the bottom for any signs of wear or damage.


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